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American Bean

Thesis for the Film School of New York Film Academy.


Fiction / Duration 10’14’’

Participated at the 18th International Film Festival of Athens competition and won
a Scholarship grant for Film Studies at the Metropolitan College in Athens


Written by Ifigenia Dimitriou & Emilio Bendermacher, Directed & Edited by Ifigenia Dimitriou. Special Thanks to: Emilio Bendermacher, Michael Sioulas, Stavros Papazoglou, Driga Sveta, Jonathan Teeter, Chanci Hernandez, Ajit Zacharias, Jamby Djusubalieva, Regina Eaton, Adreas Kaliampakos, Pachino Limousines, Court Square Diner and New York Film Academy.

The story is about a magic bean called the 'American Bean' and how it can affect the life of a person. The film is sarcastic and surreal and symbolizes the American dream. The story begins with a conference by a Russian archaeologist named 'Natasha', describing the origin of the American bean. Natasha is dedicated to the history of the Native Americans and on a trip to New York she gets very close to the magic bean and is ready to get it with any price. Finally the bean finds its owner... 

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