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Butterfly Co.

Thesis for the Film School of Athens Metropolitan College in collaboration with the Queen Margaret University.


Fiction / Duration 10’48’’

Official selection at the 39th "International Short Film Festival" in Drama
Official selection at the 22th "Athens International Film Festival"
Official selection at the "Festival du Film Court en Plein Air de Grenoble"
Presentation at the "Micro μ Festival"

Presentation at the "Festivart-Loutraki" 


Written & Directed by Ifigenia Dimitriou, Director of Photography: Alexis Iosifidis, Art Directors: Mikaela Liakata, Olga Brouma, Costume Designer: Margarita Dosoula, Make-up Artists: Ioanna Diamanti, Eleonora Makridaki, Sound Recording: Dimitris Demirakos, Sound Design: Stefanos Konstantinidis, Post Production Supervisor: Alexis Parashos, 3d Animation: Alexandros Iakovidis, Editing: Ifigenia Dimitriou, Alexis Quantas, Leading Actor-1st Employee: Thodoris Pentidis, 2nd Employee: Konstantinos Karvouniaris, Woman in Red:  Sissy Kapetanou, Man in the Mask: Thanassis Petropoulos, Supervisor: Marina Papaioannou, Supervisor's Voice: Peggy Trikalioti, Special Appearance by the Music Band Minimumaximum Improvision: Thalia Ioannidou, Gelina Palla, Despoina Tsafou, Assistant Director: Diamantis Arabatzis, Assistant Director of Photography: Petros Nousias, Best Boy: Theodoros Theodoridis, Gaffer: Stathis Tsiapas, Production Director: Heleni Lazarides, Executive Producers: Kleon Skourtis, Harris Dimitriou, Margy Douzeni, Dora Theofilopoulou, Special Thanks: Efthymis Hatzis, Dimitris Koutsiampasakos, Magdalini Remoundou, Tassos Boulmetis, Antonis Kokkinos, Angelos Aletras, Valli Konstantopoulou, Electra Venaki


A creative man is obliged to do a work which does not satisfy him and to face his severe boss, his aggressive colleagues, as well as the every day’s bureaucratic reality. All of a sudden through a butterfly he is guided to a gate and enters the imaginary world. In this space initially he feels that he can express himself freely but soon he realizes that even there he is trapped. Crossing different stages of his subconscious he manages to find finally his true way out.

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