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Project for the Film School of Athens Metropolitan College in collaboration with the Queen Margaret University.


Fiction / Duration 11’00’’

3rd Prize at the 12th "San Francisco Greek Film Festival"
Official selection at the 20th "Athens International Film Festival"
Official selection at the "New York City Greek Film Festival"
Official selection at the "Greek Australian Short Film Festival"
Official selection at the "SPHINX - The hidden Thebes festival"


Written & Directed by Ifigenia Dimitriou, Cast: Dora Theofilopoulou, Charis Simeonidou, Ioanna Karpodini, Thodoris Matinopoulos, Thanassis Petropoulos, Nikos Mavroudis, Marina Papaioannou, George Kourmadas, Director Of Photography: Takis Lykotrafitis, Art Director: Mikaela Liakata, Production Director: Steven Gekas, Cast Director: Ifigenia Dimitriou, Alexandros Paspardanis, Sound Design: Filippos Salapatas, Kostas Tsiligiris, Music: Spy F & The Zakulas, Editing: Stavros Ladikos, Assistant Director: Eleni Lazaridi, Make-Up Artist: Eleonora Makridaki, Ioanna Diamanti, Special Thanks to: Antonis Kokkinos, Angelos Aletras, Kostas Vantzos, Timmy Chatzis, Dimitris Koutsiabasakos, Ilias Flammos, Thanassis Rentzis, Yula Zoiopoulou, Ioanna Korma, Dimitris Rakitzis, National Bank, Iek Akmi, Emilio Bendermacher-Gerousis, Harris Dimitriou, Diamantis Arabatzis, Sravros Papazoglou, Vassilis Mitsopoulos, Eleni Papageorgopoulou, Alexandros Trifyllis, Dimitris Kotzonis, Harris Tsironis, George Kouvaris, Marina Sifneou, Gregory Psalrakos, ikiforos Plytas, Christina Bedopoulou, Gojart Spahiu, Vaggelis Koltsidis, Anastasia Kabili, Charitini Pagomenou.


A new supervisor in the Greek Public Sector terrorizes her employees and sets strictly the new working “rules” in order to “reform” the existing dysfunctional system. Already, from the first day, chaos, confusion and a situation of comic and tragic events occur. In combination with the sudden visit of the “Labour Inspection”, a story full of turnovers is about to begin!

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