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Diafano Stores

Short Films for TVC


TVC / Duration 00’15’’ each

Diafano Stores produces furniture in order to refresh home and mood!


Directed by Steven Gekas & Ifigenia Dimitriou, Director of Photography: Vangelis Tzifakis, Production Director: Eleni Lazaridi, Art Director-Costume Design: Lia Antonelli, Eirini Birbili, Make-Up Artist: Eirini Matziou, Editing: George Tsirogiannis, Electrician: Alkis Ermofilos Papadopoulos, Camera operator: Marios Pougkakiotis, Production Assistants: Romanos Papaioannou, Stefanos Artavanis, Music: Jamie Berry feat. Octavia Rose - Lost in the Rhythm, Extras: Eirini Laoulakou,  Xristirina Karametou - Kondaki, Georgoa Sotirhou, Noela Kola, Babis Katsatsidis, Cast: Konstantinos Parasis


The main character is a dancer dressed in a timeless style (jacket, shirt, tie and 50's hat). He represents the renewal, the joy. From where he passes, he moods the people around him. He is a symbol. He is Diafano Stores!

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