Hidden Voice

Short Film


Fiction / Duration 3’00’’

To the 20 Finalist at the "Three Minutes Video Competition, Taiwan" 

Semi-Finalist at the "Sunday Shorts Film Festival, London-Lisbon"

Nominated for the people's choice best Greek film at the "Athens Marathon International Film Festival"

Official selection at the "Toronto Independent Film Festival"

Official selection at the "Los Angeles Short Film Festival"

Official selection at the "Refugees Film Festival, Berlin"

Official selection at the "Life Screenings International Short Film Festival, Florida"

Official selection at the "Sunlight International Film Festival, Moscow"

Official selection at the "Chania International Film Festival"


Actress: Vicky Kyriakopoulou, Written by: Marina Sifnaiou, Directed by: Ifigenia Dimitriou, Director of Photography: Mariza Papadimitriou, Assistant Director: Marina Sifnaiou, Assistant Camera: David Kynigos, Aerial Filming: Stavros Karagilanis, Editing / Sound Design: Ifigenia Dimitriou, Audio Document: Frank Panx, Produced by: Marina Sifnaiou, Special Thanks: Antibodies


Memories and images emerge from the sound of the sea. People persecuted by war and oppression, looking for a better future, had the sea as the only way out. An exit that led to one of the greatest humanitarian tragedies.

A symbolic figure of a woman is walking next to the sea. She wants to connect with the environment, feel the sun, breath the fresh air, when suddenly a strange sound disturbs her calm. The sound source is indefinite. The woman approaches the sea and the sound gets louder. The sound invites her to follow the source. She walks into the sea until her face touches the water. The woman now clearly hears voices, cries and screams of people that exhale out of the sea. A soundscape brings to her scenes from the rescue of refugees.