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A journey in time: Homo Faber fellowship

Akis Goumas & Karolos Vlachiotis at CAMU

Paul and Alexandra Canellopoulos Museum


Short Film -  Promotional Teaser / Duration 02’54’’


Ifigenia Dimitriou (Film Director), Vangelis Tsakas (Photography), Nikolas Papadimitriou (Coordination), Paul & Alexandra Canellopoulos Museum (Production), Ifigenia Dimitriou (Editing - Sound), Schema (Graphics - Titles)


A dialogue of the past with the present. The artists Akis Goumas and Karolos Vlachiotis, HOMO FABER fellows of Μichelangelo Foundation and Jaeger-LeCoultre for 2023-24, selected gold ornaments from the Canellopoulos Museum collection to create a new object inspired by the Art-Deco style. 

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