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One Bar..One Night..

Project for the Film School of Athens Metropolitan College in collaboration with the Queen Margaret University.


Fiction / Duration 06’41’’

One take shot on DSLR


Directed by Ifigenia Dimitriou, Written by Ifigenia Dimitriou & Emilio Bendermacher, Director of Photography: Takis Lykotrafitis, Camera Operator: Christina Bedopoulou, Art Director: Stella Giannakaki, Assistant Director: Eleni Lazaridi, Edited by Ifigenia Dimitriou, Music: L.A. Woman, Doors, Cast: Thanassis Petropoulos, Eva Andronikidou, Alexandros Paspardanis, Erasmia Tsipra, Diamantis Arabatzis, Marina Sifneou, Special Thanks To: Ilia Liaggo, Eleni Papageorgopoulou, George Kourmadas, Olga Tzioti, Angelo Kyritsi,  Bar "Kafeti" & Iek Akmi.

The movie talks about infidelity. A bar woman works and a man who is drinking at the bar is witnessing a couple’s argument via the bar’s mirror. Through this mirror (camera) we understand that the break-up was planned. The movie ends implying that the night is young... 

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