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Short Films for Web Advertising


Web Advertising / Duration 00’45’’ each

4 utility videos with useful tips that every mother could use as a tool in her daily life.


Crew: Ifigenia Dimitriou (Director), Mikaela Liakata (Art Director), Michalis Oikonomou (Director of Photography), Vasiliki Syrma (Costume Design), Anna Baltzi (Make-up Artist), Diamantis Arabatzis (Assistant Director), Faidra Stragali (Graphics), The End Post Production (Animation), Stefanos Konstantinidis (Sound Design & Original Music), Cast: Eliana Chrisikopoulou, Special Tanks to: Nikos Louvaris, Stefi Dimitrova & Ficosota


Pufies is a product addressed to mothers who need to dress their babies every day in a different designed diaper. Through the E-Yup application they can easily order Pufies diapers with various designs and colors. The above videos present the 2 brands: Pufies & E-yup. ​

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