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Teo Bebe

Short Film for Web Advertising


Web Advertising / Duration 01’06’’

Message:  Teo Bebe is the smell of my baby.

More than 200.000 online views


Directed by Ifigenia Dimitriou, Assistant Director: Stevi Panagiotaki, Director of Photography: Wiktor Roch Dobraczynski, Assistant Director of Photography: Nikos Papaevangeliou, Art Director: Eleni Kariori, Make-Up Artist: Katerina Anastopoulou, Original Music: Stefanos Konstantinidis, Cast: Fotini Tentolouri, Special Tanks to Nikos Louvaris & Ficosota


Teo Bebe is a product that addresses mothers who are interested in a natural way of living, for them and their baby. Our proposal follows this specific motif and respects mothers who choose pure products for their babies, such as Teo Bebe. The deep emotion of pure love between mother and child is going to run through the entire commercial. In every scene, the unique smell of the product is going to be related with the smell of the baby. 

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