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Ancient Pleuron

Directorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities - Greek Ministry of Culture (Production of documentary for the Project “Protection, Research and Promotion of three Ancient Cities of the P. Aetoloakarnania” under the NSRF of “Western Greece (Peloponnese and Ionian Islands) 2007-2013”)


Archaeological Documentary / Duration 26’30’’

Official selection at the 9th “Chalkida Greek Documentary Festival”


Ifigenia Dimitriou (Director/Photography), Emilio Bendermacher - Geroussis (Production Director), Pegky Trikalioti (Narration), Vivi Vamvakopoulou (Script), Lazaros Kolonas (General Supervisor), Georgios Stamatis (Research Associate), Diamantis Arabatzis (Assistant Director), Poptraum (Music), Ministry of Culture (Production)


Ancient Pleuron -built in a privileged location about 5 km from Messolonghi- is one of the most important fortified cities of Aetolia. Locals call it “Kastro of Kyra Rene” (Castle of Lady Rene).  Remains of defensive architecture and everyday life structures of its inhabitants are preserved within the city, which flourished during the 2nd century B.C. but was abandoned in the late 1st century B.C. 

From 2002 until 2005, the Archaeological Service carried out important works for the enhancement of Pleuron and its conversion  into an organised archaeological site open to visitors. Moreover, conservation, consolidation and fastening works have also been conducted, as well as reconstruction of the structural elements of the ancient city’s visible monuments.

This film attempts a short journey into the history, myths and monuments of Pleuron presenting archival material, interviews and video shots of the archaeological site, as well as of the natural landscape of the region.


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