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Documenting in Tatoi

National Archive of Monuments, Greek Ministry of Culture (Assignment of documentary production for the Project "Digitization and publication of selected Collections of the National Archaeological Museum and the former Royal Estate of Tatoi" of the NSRF "Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2013")


Archaeological Documentary / Duration 18’14”

Screened at the Conference "Recording the Past, Planning the Future" at the National Gallery - Alexandros Soutsos Museum


Ifigenia Dimitriou (Director, Editing & Sound Design), Fotini Tentolouri (Narration), Vangelis Tsakas (Photography), Eleni Lazaridi (Assistant Director), Dimitra Chrona (Graphic Design), Directorate of the National Archive of Monuments (dea and collection of material), In the film appeared: Sofia Vassiliadou, Chrysa Vassilopoulou, Ioanna Zioga, Eleftheria Theodorou, Evangelia Kappa, Maria Moutsiou, Efi Bendermacher-Gerousi, Amalia Papaioannou, Eleni Roussodimou, Christina Romanou, Tasos Stavropoulos, Maria Finfinini and Nikoleta Lysaiou, Thisvi Hadjidiacou


In the context of the complex project of restoration and reopening of the former royal estate of Tatoi, the Directorate of Management of the National Monuments Archive undertook the documentation and digitization of the objects found in its premises. The film presents the recorders' personal view of the objects they have documented and the way they approached objects associated with persons and events of modern Greek history.​


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