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Project for the Film School of Athens Metropolitan College in collaboration with the Queen Margaret University.


Fiction / Duration 08’50’’

Official selection at the 19th "Athens International Film Festival"


Directed by Ifigenia Dimitriou, Original Screenplay: Ifigenia Dimitriou, Michael Sioulas, Adapted Screenplay: Mikaela Liakata, Diamantis Arabatzis, Marina Sifnaiou, Director of Photography: Takis Lykotrafitis, Camera Operator: Steven Gkekas, Art Director: Mikaela Liakata, Editing/Sound Design: Ifigenia Dimitriou, Stavros Ladikos, Music: Poptraum, Assistant Director: Mikaela Liakata, Assistant Camera: Nikiforos Plytas, Graphic Titles/Poster: Mikaela Liakata, Make-Up Artist: Dimitra Mastronikola, Cast: Aggeliki Zisoudi In The Leading Role, Melina Daskalaki, George Stefanoudakis, Erasmia Tsipra, Dimitris Kotzonis, Marina Sifnaiou, Haris Dimitriou, Michael Kiriatsoulis, Special Thanks To: Nick Kavoukidis & Telefilm, Tasos Abatzis, Silia Rantou, Dimitris Abatzis, Antonis Kokkinos, Philip Bouraimis, Angelos Aletras, Timmy Hatzis & Iek Akmi, Diamantis Arabatzis, Marina Sifneou, George Stergiou, George Kourmadas, Christopher Koulias, Spyros Anatolianos, Emilio Bendermacher


After a precarious wandering through the night cityscape, a woman is looking for the necessary means for her conservation. Images, objects and roles constitute symbols to be interpreted by the spectator beyond their obvious meaning.

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